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The company ProND was established in 2003 and from the beginning of its existence was a designer of control systems for solid fuel boilers. Today's offer includes a number of devices for universal use, fully configurable and easy to use. To meet the market requirements, new technological solutions are continuously introduced. The controllers made by ProND support even the most complex heating systems. A continuous cooperation of designers with manufacturers of boilers, installers and end users results in the fact that the controllers made by ProND take into account all aspects of the heating system and are designed to meet the needs of the heat demand with the least consumption of fuel and to maintain the longest possible service life of the system.

The company specializes in mass production as well as in manufacturing devices for individual orders. The company is flexible in terms of customer requirements, has its own technical facilities to produce labels for devices, it has a special department that performs housings tailored to individual needs, its own powder paint shop line, and an electronic assembly line. Objectives that our company is committed to on a daily basis primarily include: quality, modernity and flexibility. Our devices are manufactured with great care, of the finest quality materials, and undergo testing and research before they reach individual customers. In addition, all devices manufactured by ProND are marked with the CE mark. The certificates are confirmed by relevant tests that provide safety of use.


feeding units

This group of products includes a wide range of controllers for boilers with screw and piston type feeders (drawer). We offer simple controllers for boilers with a screw conveyor with dual pumps, universal controllers with the support for a piston or a screw feeder allowing for burning the... więcej


In this group of controllers there are devices that allow for optimum combustion of fuel in fine coal boilers - in hoppers. We offer simple controllers that support a circulating pump and a blower, as well as those that support advanced heating systems with a support for mixing valve's actuator,... więcej

for pumps

In this group of controllers there are devices that allow for the expansion of the existing heating system with an additional pump as well as controllers for C.H. pumps and H.T.W. pumps without the use of a blower. The offer also includes universal controllers that can work with a C.H. pump and a... więcej

for a mixing valve

This offer includes controllers that allow for the expansion of the existing heating system with an additional loop controlled by an actuator of the mixing valve to the pump. Controllers of the offer allow the connection of an additional remote control or a room thermostat. więcej

for boilers with an air jacket

This group includes controllers that are specifically designed to handle hot air boilers, used for heating large halls or greenhouses. We offer a controller to operate the hopper boiler and the boiler with a screw conveyor. These controllers can be set to temperatures above 100°C. In addition,... więcej

room panels

This group of devices includes room panels for remote control boilers equipped with controllers made by ProND. We offer wired and wireless panels. A room panel is a functional device to improve the usability of a boiler fitted with a controller. I allows to control the room temperature, to change... więcej

other regulators

In this group there are other regulators produced by our company. Some of them can be used both in central heating systems, as well as other systems that require regulation (e.g. to adjust a single-phase motor speed, to adjust working time of a regulation device). więcej

for the solar systems

In this group there are devices especially designed to support the solar systems equipped with a pump. więcej