A strong construction of the controller housing through the use of plastics which are resistant to external agents. The highest quality components of front panels, reliable electronic modules and integrated failure-free circuits.



ART PDW controller is a controller for fine coal and hopper boilers and at the same time a successor of the ART PD controller.

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IRYD RTZ is a controller designed to control the operation of the C.H. boiler with a feeding screw or a ram feeder (with a feeder position sensor). The controller controls an extensive heating system. A specially designed menu allows to progressively activate further features or abilities of the controller. IRYD controller has an output to control the mixing valve actuator. It has the ability to control two independent heating circuits.

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Proton PID

PROTON PID controller is a modernized version of the PROTON controller, with an added PID algorithm, making it one of the most reliable and the most fuel-efficient controllers on the market. A PROTON PID microprocessor controller is designed to control the operation of the blower and the circulation pump in the C.H. systems; it has output for connecting a remote control which further enhances its usability.

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New products

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- controller IRYD RTZ PID - więcej
- controller PROTON PID - więcej
- room panel PILOT R - więcej
- controller TITANIC - więcej
- room panel PILOT G RF wireless - więcej
- controler REG-1 - więcej

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